Montclair Auto Tech  5427 Telegraph Avenue #E-2 Oakland, CA 94609
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Is Montclair Auto Tech an independent repair shop?
    Yes. We are an independent service and repair shop. Our business model is much more straightforward and cost effective than a dealership. We do not sell or lease cars, undercoating, accessories, etc. Our entire organization is simply a crew of highly skilled and dedicated ASE Certified technicians who strive to keep your car running at it's best. We service Volvo, Toyota and Honda cars.
  • Are your prices lower than dealership service departments?
    Yes. Our labor rate is lower, and we have more options for spare parts. We never charge for consultation. And we do not have to factor in layers of management or fancy showrooms into our prices. Our customers stop by at all times to have fluids checked, air pressure checked, and ask questions or share their concerns. We
    provide this free of charge as a goodwill gesture to our regular customers.
  • Do you follow the factory maintenance schedule?
    Yes, and in some cases we provide additional preventive maintenance, depending on our real-life experience with a particular model and/or year. For example, most manufacturers do not have any recommended replacement interval for the cooling system thermostat. Our years of experience in the field have shown that many thermostats go bad around 60-80K miles. In some models we routinely replace the thermostat at 60K service, preventing potential major engine damage due to overheating. It is unclear why this basic preventive measure has eluded auto manufacturer and dealership service departments, but the cost savings in each case of failure are considerable. This simple, inexpensive preventive maintenance measure protects our customers from a great deal of unnecessary cost and hassle. 
  • Do I have to wait for my warranty to expire before bringing my car to you?
    No, our service will not void your manufacturer's warranty. We follow the manufacturer requirements and will use genuine factory parts for cars that are under warranty. 
  • Can I wait for my car while it's being serviced?
    Yes. It is always fine to wait while your car is being serviced or repaired, although we prefer these appointments to be scheduled (since we plan our shop schedule accordingly). We have a waiting room, wireless internet available,  and there are some great cafes, restaurants and local businesses nearby (see our Directions page for more details and a Google map you can search). However, you might want to go back to your home or office if the service is more than a minor one. In that case we can schedule and arrange a ride to BART or your home or office if it's within a few miles from our shop.
  • My "check engine" light is on, but the car seems to be running ok. What should I do?
    The "check engine" light is usually an indication of a problem in the emission control system. If the car is leaking fluids or overheating or exhibiting problems while driving, it must be towed. You may call us or come by to have the trouble codes examined. In most cases this examination is a free service. After evaluating the trouble code, we can discuss a diagnostic plan and repair estimate.
  • I can't pick up my car by the time you close. What can I do?
    We will store your car securely inside our shop and you may pick it up the next day. Or if you have spare keys, we can place it in the outdoor lot (off the street), and you may pick it up after hours. We can make arrangements for you to pay for the service over the phone.