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Selected customer testimonials:

“I have always been afraid of taking any car of mine to the mechanic, but now that I have found Ali and his team I will never go anywhere else!”

-Ashley J.  (

"These guys are fast, trustworthy, and reliable.  My mom has been going to them for years, since Ali was working at the dealer/his old location closer to Montclair proper.  I've been by there a couple times now and been impressed by the speed at which my issues with my car are addressed."

-Kris M. (

"Brought my Honda in for an emergency repair on a busy Friday afternoon. Could not have stumbled upon a better place! Ali was professional, prompt and friendly. Would definitely go back again."

-Jeremy W. (

"This business was recommended by a friend who knows his cars, and cares about them.  We have been extremely happy with Ali and his shop's work.  Ali is honest, reliable, dedicated, and easy to work with.  His shop does good work.  Two examples of why I am particularly impressed with this shop:  My brakes were squeaking, and after several attempts to fix them for me, he would have been justified in giving up.  He was willing to give it one more try and it worked.  He is dedicated to providing excellent customer service.  Another example is that he had blocked off a day to do major work on my car.  At drop off he discovered one more problem.  He advised us to think about whether we really wanted to put the money into the car, or continue with our thoughts about trading it in.  He didn't care that he would have lost revenue that day if we decided to skip the repairs.  We've also worked with Mike, who also exemplifies  the best that  Ali and the Montclair Auto Tech shop have to offer."

-J.C. (

"Montclair Auto Tech is awesome.  I took my 2004 S40 there for the 60,000 mile service.  This is the first shop who I totally believe was honest with me, did not do a bunch of stuff to my car that it didn't need or "scare" me into services like new brakes.  Everyone who works there is friendly, knowledgeable and they answered all of my questions.  And the scheduled service was $300 less than at the dealership.  Woohoo!  I totally recommend them.  They are a class act."

-Amy H. (

"It's been 2 years since my initial review of this place and so far, Ali and Co. have continued with their great service.  If you own a Volvo (or any other car that Ali is willing to look at), you are basically losing money if you don't deal with these guys. Ali will never try to sell you on service that you don't need.  As far as mechanics go, this place is as good as it gets.  There might be someone out there who is as good as Montclair, but I can't imagine any place better. I would give this place six stars if I could."

-Chris K. (