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Ali Ashtiani
Founder and Chief Technician
Montclair Auto Tech
Ali Ashtiani, Founder and Chief Technician

Humble Volvo dealership beginnings

Ali Ashtiani began his professional automotive career servicing and diagnosing autos for a local Volvo dealership in 1985. An avid Volvo enthusiast, he focused on every available training opportunity and easily achieved each technical certification level. He quickly learned to effectively diagnose and troubleshoot problems using state-of-the-art tools and equipment, while climbing the hierarchy of ASE technician certifications.

Master Technician status earned early in his career

In 1989, Ali earned his ASE Master Technician certification. He quickly became one of the most highly sought after mechanics due to his accurate and efficient diagnostic abilities. Customers appreciated his ability to understand a wide variety of technical and repair issues, quickly zero in on a problem, and solve it efficiently. As his reputation grew, more customers returned requesting that Ali "take a look" at their challenging automotive issues. 

Montclair Auto Tech is born

In 1993, a friend offered Ali a spare stall in his local automotive repair shop in the Montclair neighborhood of Oakland, California. He enjoyed getting to know his local customers directly without the bureaucracy and politics of dealership sales and service. He dedicated himself to building a business he could be proud of. His hard work began to pay off, and his dedicated service-oriented business began to grow and thrive. Over several years, as the industry evolved and new technologies emerged, Ali quickly recognized the safety and reliability of the leading two Japanese auto manufacturers, and quickly became equally enthusiastic and accomplished with Toyota and Honda autos.

Early move to current North Oakland facility

By 1996, the business expanded almost exclusively by word of mouth, and Ali quickly outgrew his Montclair garage. He moved the shop a few miles west to it's current location on Telegraph Avenue in North Oakland, where it has remained ever since. The convenient location is near Downtown Oakland, BART and several freeway exits. Montclair Auto Tech's loyal  customers come from all over the bay area, but his core neighborhood client base is concentrated in the immediate vicinity of North Oakland and the Oakland Hills, Berkeley, Emeryville, Temescal, Elmwood, Fairview Park, Claremont, Rockridge, Piedmont, Grand Lake, etc.

Continually building technical excellence and teamwork

As Montclair Auto Tech's loyal customers have increasingly asked for trusted guidance with their other European and Asian cars, the team has consistently provided them with the same high caliber of service, expertise and customer satisfaction. Carefully recruiting the best and brightest in the automotive field, his proven customer service and business management skills have allowed him to provide excellent leadership, training and expansion from his original Volvo specialization, to his now preferred Asian automotive models.